Jeron Engineering Designs Innovative Systems with Modern Technology 

EngineeringThe engineering departments design Jeron Spectrum®, Provider®, and Pro-Alert™ systems with state-of-the-art machinery and software.  Continuously updating our machinery keeps Jeron at the forefront of communication and safety solutions to best serve our customers.



Engineering Departments
The mechanical, electronic and software engineering departments continuously develop new communication solutions such as IP products which result in faster installation and lower labor costs.

3-D Modeling
Our newest piece of machinery allows our software engineers to take a CAD drawing of any innovation-stage product and produce a plastic prototype for form-fit-function testing, speeding up the development process and potential new product launches.

Punch Press Production
The CNC machines are faster and provide more automated fabrication for both prototype and full production runs which drives efficiency. 

Circuit Board Design
Our advanced design software creates the actual circuit board layout that is uploaded into pick-and-place machines for assembly; reducing human error and creating repeatability drastically lowers defective rates and ensures consistency from board to board and between production runs.