Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care

Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care
Maintaining Safety and Independence of Patients and Residents through Effective Communication

The communication needs of skilled nursing and long term care facilities are unique to the individual environment, demanding a flexible nurse call solution that is adaptable to the specific facility.  Provider® Nurse Call systems offer the tools that caregivers need to deliver high quality care while protecting the safety of residents and patients while maintaining their independence. 
  • Wireless Call - patients or residents can use wireless pendants to call for help from bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas, preserving their independence without compromising their safety
  • Alarm Management - bed exit alarms can be routed directly to an assigned caregiver for quick response, preventing falls before they occur
  • Resident Check-In - an automated resident check-in feature allows residents to maintain their autonomy while caregivers can ensure their well-being without having to physically make a trip to the resident’s room