Spectrum® 460 Digital Duplex Intercom System

Spectrum 460: A Communications Platform that will Handle Thousands of Stations Across Wide Geographic Areas

Versatile and flexible, Spectrum 460 systems integrate with an array of security system components for a comprehensive solution for any sizable application.

  • Campus Communication - capable of handling thousands of stations across wide vicinities
  • Seamless Integration - with graphic touchscreens and PLC’s to remotely control cameras, lights and door control
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)  - provides state of the art voice switching for hands-free communication while still allowing manual override in high noise industrial areas
  • Non-Blocking Digital Audio  - ensures emergency communication reaches its destination
  • LAN Connectivity - link multiple buildings or campuses via the local-area network to manage calls from thousands of stations
  • Rack Mount - minimize the footprint of the system and provide easy access to the Central Control Equipment