General Line

Jeron's General Line

HP-101 Apartment Intercom System
The system offers a diverse array of room and lobby intercom stations to provide visitor signaling, two-way voice communication between tenant and visitor, and remote control entry to residential buildings. The system is designed for new and replacement installations in apartments and condominiums.


EC-300 Tone-Visual Nurse Call System
For facilities that need the most basic nurse and emergency call notification, such as nursing homes and clinics, Jeron manufactures the EC-300 Nurse Call System. This hard wired system accommodates up to 300 rooms and multiple masters.

Pro-Alert 610 Tone-Visual Nurse Call System
The Pro-Alert 610 provides basic nurse call and emergency call notification for facilities such as nursing homes, clinics, and small medical facilities. The system utilizes microprocessor technology to ensure easy operation, simple installation and options such as pocket page notification of calls.                    

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