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Are you looking for a comprehensive nurse call solution providing direct patient-to-staff alerting, communications, and streamlined workflows?


Nurse Call Stations to Help Clinical & Nursing Administrators

  • Improves patient safety and satisfaction with easy nurse call button
  • Patient calls are routed directly to caregivers
  • Alerts for patient falls; mitigates risk
  • Streamlines workflow within and across departments
  • Automates patient roundings with reminders
  • Seamless integration across multiple systems for a total solution

Professional Nurse Call System Installation for BioMed, IT and Facility Managers

  • Facility and IDN-wide Nurse Call Systems leveraging your networks
  • Remote survivable nurse call for 24/7 life safety operation
  • Utilizing the latest technology including VoIP, active directory, fiber networking, & virtual server support
  • Seamless cross platform functionality between Provider 790 and Provider 700 systems
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no reoccurring software maintenance costs
  • Integration to the most popular options including SIP wireless phones and real-time locating systems

“The level of patient care in Med/Surg and ICCU units can be intense as we encounter unique patients and ailments. We recognized a need for streamlined staff-to-staff communications. Provider Nurse Call had the connected communication options to meet our requirements.”

– Lynn Lundquist, RN
Med/Surg/ICCU Nurse Director
Lake Region Healthcare

“Over time, the entire facility will be served by Provider 790 Nurse Call. Our clinicians have come to trust the processes that our nurse call gives us, and we want to expand upon that.”

– Tim Bogard, Infosystem Manager
Highland Dist. Hospital

“The Jeron activity logging and reporting package can quantify wait times to help provide greater context behind patient satisfaction surveys. And with the benefits of the entire Provider System, we’ve been able to decrease patient wait times by 20% compared to our previous location.”

– Kelly Hall, Clinic Director
Vance Thompson Vision

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A True Patient-to-Staff Alerting, Communications, and Workflow Solution

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