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Quality Nurse Call Systems for Acute + Skilled Care Healthcare Facilities

The Provider 680 nurse call system has been chosen by many healthcare facilities for its years of dependable operation and scalable options. This feature rich system meets the needs of both smaller acute care facilities and skilled care facilities. It offers advanced technology that streamlines communication to improve patient/resident care and staff satisfaction.

The networked Provider 680 system readily integrates with the latest Provider 700 and Provider 790 nurse call systems for an integrated cross-platform solution.


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Streamline Workflow + Communications in Your Acute + Skilled Care Facilities with Provider® 680

Resident/Patient Safety
  • Alarm management: seamless notifications to caregivers
  • Wireless resident call: patient and resident mobility while allowing a signal for help
  • Fall prevention and resident safety: multiple modes of notifications mitigates risk
  • Security stations for behavioral health environments
Resident/Patient Satisfaction
  • Streamlined resident-to-staff communications for everywhere communications
  • Activity logging and reporting, benchmarking responses, times, and more
  • Increased satisfaction scores provides peace of mind for future residents/patients
Staff Satisfaction
  • Direct patient/resident-to-staff communications; reaching caregivers where they are
  • Everywhere-accessible applications
  • Team-based nursing: never missing a call
Integrated Solutions
  • Noti-Fi™ smartphone alerting
  • Wireless caller ID phones
  • Text messaging/pocket paging
  • SIP wireless phone communications
  • Automated real-time staff locating
Facility-Wide Alerting
  • Networking across departments, units, & entire campus
  • Whiteboard activity displays
  • SIP wireless phone communications
  • Automatic overhead paging when needed
Technology & Value
  • Full complement of station options
  • Non-proprietary IT infrastructure
  • Remote system administration and maintenance
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The Provider® 680 nurse call system has an array of features and benefits to help your acute care and skilled care facilities operate more seamlessly:

  • Simple and Intuitive operation
  • Efficiency and integrations throughout the facility
  • Designed for low-cost installation and ongoing reliability

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