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Continual Investment in Nurse Call Enhancements

Below are some of the most recent examples of system and platform enhancements:

  • Doorway Isolation Intercom Station: The isolation intercom stations are easily added to any existing Provider 790 Nurse Call system allowing caregivers to directly communicate with their patients without the need to enter the patient room.  The isolation intercom station is easily added in the hallway outside of each patient room and utilizes the existing Provider nurse call components already installed.
  • Cross Platform Provider Nurse Call for seamless integration: Both the Provider 790 and Provider 700 platforms are fully interoperable to route calls between platforms and sharing the same integrations and activity reporting.  The flexibility to use either or both platforms to meet the needs of varied configurations in acute, skilled, and sub-acute healthcare facilities.
  • Jeron’s Enterprise Solution: Supports an IDN-wide solution for centralized management and cross facility features including enterprise-wide call activity reporting and integrations for wireless phones and real-time locating. Jeron’s Enterprise solution includes standardized communications, staff scheduling, workflows, mobile device notifications, and call activity logging and reporting.
  • Waterproof IP68 Rated Waterproof Station: Used in bathrooms, showers and other wet environments. These IP68 rated pullcord stations for both the Provider 700 and Provider 790 platforms meet the IP68 (ANSI/IEC 60529) American National Standards.  It can operate during continuous water submersion.
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