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Senior Living Alerts
Proalert 570 02
Pro alert 570
Provider for Senior living
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Senior Living Alerts
Proalert 570 02
Pro alert 570
Provider for Senior living
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Flexible Nurse Call Communications for Nursing Homes, Long Term Care + Assisted Living Facilities

Reliability, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance are at the heart of Pro-Alert™ 570. The flexible yet very affordable resident-to-staff alerting system is designed to meet the needs of any size nursing home or assisted living facility while offering advanced healthcare options such as resident call alerts to smartphones, activity logging, and reporting measures.

The Pro-Alert™ 570 is our most adaptable and affordable resident-to-staff alerting system designed to meet the needs of nursing homes and long term care facilities of any size.


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Pro-Alert 570 is the Perfect Fit for Senior Care Facilities

Dependability with Little or No Maintenance

Reliable, easy-to-use, and minimal maintenance are just some of the reasons why facilities choose Pro-Alert™ 570.

There are no batteries or light bulbs to replace, just two wires to each station, which are continuously supervised to ensure the system is always ready.

Console & Intercom Options

The space-saving wall-mount or desktop console immediately alert staff to any resident calls.

Wireless Text Alerts to Smartphones and Pagers Connecting Residents to Caregivers

Jeron’s Noti-Fi application routes text alerts from residents and patients directly to a caregiver’s phone or pocket pager.

Maintenance-Free, High Visibility Indicators

LED indicators are outside of each resident’s room to quickly direct caregivers to an active call. Dome light indicators can include a wall sconce for a less institutional aesthetic.

Full Selection of Stations Keeping Everyone Informed, Safe & Secure

Supports stations for resident room, bathrooms, and staff areas to meet alerting needs. Optional intercom stations facilitate two-way communication between residents and staff.

Resident Wireless Nurse Calls

Wireless pendants are worn by mobile residents who can request assistance from staff when they need it.

Activity Reporting

Resident calls and staff responses are logged, so that call levels and response times can be monitored. This reassures family members that their loved one’s needs are being met.

Jeron Quality Throughout

The system is Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 listed for nurse call equipment and is covered by Jeron’s 2-year warranty. The Pro-Alert 570 is designed for many years of reliable service.


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