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700 Nurse Call
700 nurse call console
Provider 700 03
Security stations
Provider 700 04
Provider 700 05
Provider 700
Security stations
700 Nurse Call
700 nurse call console
Provider 700 03
Security stations
Provider 700 04
Provider 700 05
Provider 700
Security stations

Advanced Nurse Call Technology for Alerting + Communications

The Provider 700 nurse call system will make your workday easier by connecting residents and patients with their caregivers at all times of the day.

Our nurse call system is the perfect solution for a variety of acute, skilled, and sub-acute healthcare facilities. Provider 700 leverages the latest networking and wireless technology to streamline alerting, communications, and workflows between residents, patients, and caregivers.

As a complete healthcare solution, Provider 700 readily supports direct alerts to caregiver’s wireless phones to answer patient/resident calls, intuitive touchscreen operation, automated staff locating, patient/resident status, and integrated reminders for caregivers to round patients/residents. Driving accountability, the Provider 700 documents all patient/resident and staff interactions to confirm timely responses or to highlight potential response time issues.


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The Provider® 700 Nurse Call System Is Flexible & Scalable For Your Healthcare Facilities

Resident and Patient Safety
  • Multiple modes of monitoring to complete your fall prevention & resident safety protocols
  • Automated staff rounding keeps tasks on hand for busy caregivers and providers
  • Security stations for behavioral environments
  • Alarm management: notifications are quiet, direct, and speeds caregiver responses
Resident/Patient Experience
  • Reaching measurement goals
  • Personalized response
  • Interactive television integration
  • Activity logging and reporting
Staff Satisfaction + Efficiency
  • Everywhere access applications
  • Direct resident-to-staff communications
  • Team-based care
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
Streamlined Workflow
  • Automated workflows
  • Facility-wide nurse call solution
  • Point and scan shift change
  • Automated overhead paging
Integrated Solutions
  • Seamless cross-platform integration
  • Noti-Fi smartphone alerting
  • SIP wireless phone communications
  • Code blue and rapid response alerts
  • Automated real-time staff locating
  • Pocket paging call alerts
Technology + Value
  • Ensuring system reliability and safety, all Jeron nurse call systems are Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 Listed and Jeron is an FDA Registered manufacturer
  • Standard IT infrastructure
  • Remote system administration
  • Flexible station options
  • Digital voice over IP communications
  • Customizable dome lights

The Provider® 700 supporting your patient or resident satisfaction and safety goals while streamlining your workflows:

  • Patient/resident status indicators outside of each room
  • Bathroom alerting with communication to request assistance
  • Bed exit monitoring to instantly alert caregivers when a patient or resident gets out of bed without assistance
  • One-touch workflows allowing caregivers to request assistance
  • Integrated rounding reminders to reassure patients and residents that they’ll consistently see caregivers

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