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Streamline Healthcare Communications With Jeron Nurse Call Systems

With our Provider® 790, Provider® 700 and Pro-Alert™ 570 technologies, you can streamline your caregiver workflow and increase patient satisfaction in any healthcare facility.

Whether you’re looking for communication solutions for Acute Care, Skilled Care, Critical Access Hospitals, ASC or an entire Integrated Delivery Network, our systems will provide the support you need.

Healthcare facilities that optimize staff efficiency, accessibility, staff mobility and availability are using Jeron’s Provider Nurse Call technology. This turnkey solution for alerting, communications, workflow, and safety is designed with VoIP technology and simple touchscreen operation, making it easy for everyone to use.

Not only does Provider Nurse Call Systems support nurses in hospitals and acute care facilities, but it also assists clinics and ASCs. As a result, nurses can easily manage their patients and staff workflow to ensure less crowded waiting rooms, more productivity, fewer errors, and happier patients.

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Provider® 790

Provider® 790 Capabilities
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Provider® 700

Provider® 700 Capabilities
Proalert 570 link

Pro-Alert 570

Pro-Alert 570 Capabilities
Nurse Call features

Some Features + Benefits of Jeron Nurse Call Systems Include:

  • All calls and responses are logged so that call levels and response times are monitored
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • Call management and routing features
  • Wireless calls and text alerts connect to residents and caregivers
  • Communication methods are efficient, and patients remain safe
  • Scalable integration solutions to address patient needs
  • External room indicators, such as bathroom and bed exit alerts to caregivers
  • Rounding reminders are sent, reassuring patients that they’ll see their caregivers shortly
  • A procedure can be timed out to help alert housekeeping for turning a room
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