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Nurse Call Designed to Make Your Work Life Easier

The Provider 790 Nurse Call System is an IP communication system that is able to meet any acute care challenge. The system will streamline caregiver workflows and improve the patient experience and staff satisfaction. The flexibility of Provider 790 extends into ambulatory and clinic applications to let clinicians effectively manage the patient visit with workflow stations in each exam/procedure room letting clinicians room patients, time a procedure, request a doctor or specialist, alert environmental services to turn a room, and much more.

Provider 790 is Jeron’s most advanced acute care nurse call system, utilizing a broad spectrum of technology to support in-house wireless phone integration, smart phone alerting and communication, simple touchscreen operations, real-time staff locating, automated rounding, and workflow alerting.

The system is designed to serve patients and staff alike by optimizing staff efficiency and keep staff accessible and available for direct patient care needs. This increases patient satisfaction and lowers wait times. With 790, your healthcare facility, no matter the size, will experience streamlined nurse call communications to help you achieve successful patient outcomes.


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The Provider® 790 Nurse Call System is Comprehensive & Scalable to Your Healthcare Facilities

Patient Safety
  • Alarm management: for more quiet and faster responses
  • Automated rounding: keep track of reminders and tasks for busy caregivers
  • Doorway isolation intercom station: for one touch communication to the patient inside the room
  • Fall prevention and patient safety:  provides multiple modes of monitoring and alerting to notify staff of potential risks so they can respond quickly and avoid patient falls
  • Security stations for behavioral health: anti-ligature design, heavy duty stations and dome lights
Patient Experience
  • Improving HCAHPS scores: patients will respond with “Always” to key survey safety and satisfaction questions
  • Personalized responses: real-time patient Information through ADT System integration
  • Automated staff rounding: staff will visit patients as planned, resulting in reduced calls and improved satisfaction
  • Interactive television integration: keeps patient entertained and informed
  • Activity logging and reporting: management reports that benchmark responses and improve performance
Clinic/ASC Functionality
  • Minimize patient wait times: know the status of each exam or procedure room and who has been waiting the longest
  • Streamline workflows: one touch starts a procedure timer, requests assistance, or alerts a caregiver to their next patient
  • Add traditional nurse call where needed: emergency pull cords in the bathrooms or staff assistance buttons in exam rooms
  • Readily scalable to meet each area’s needs: from 8 button workflow stations through to touchscreens supporting over 150 unique workflows and calls
Staff Satisfaction
  • Everywhere accessible applications: everywhere LAN Access for simple nurse call administration and monitoring
  • Team-based nursing: automatic team-based alerts that speed responses to patients while keeping caregivers mobile
  • Distributed touchscreen access: located in key staff areas and patient rooms gives staff access to all communication, alerting, workflow, and staff locating features
  • Direct patient to staff communications: leveraging wireless technology for a direct alerting and communication path
Streamlined Workflow
  • One-touch workflows: automated workflow for increased efficiency and reduced frustration
  • Facility-wide networking: the system’s Ethernet backbone allows every nursing unit to work together as a facility-wide solution
  • Automatic overhead paging: any nurse call event can initiate a text to speech announcement to alert staff
  • Know each exam or procedure room’s status
  • Networked PC Console display: from any computer on the network, readily view current status and events of any exam or procedure room
Integrated Solutions
  • Smartphone alerts and notifications: nurse call alerts go directly to a caregiver’s smartphone
  • Locate staff and automate workflows with real-time locating: reduces wasted time searching for staff and automates workflows when entering and leaving rooms
  • Wireless smart bed monitoring: integrates with Stryker® smart bed for key alerts and bed status
  • Whiteboard activity display: for real-time LAN and WAN display of calls and events on any networked computers
  • SIP Wireless phone communication: patient calls route directly to their assigned caregiver’s mobile phone
  • Caregivers receive patient alerts directly throughout the facility
  • Code blue and rapid response alerts: centralized display of high priority calls to speed response
  • Facility-wide solution: integrate alerting, communications, and workflows across all nursing units, clinics, and ambulatory surgery
Leading Technology
  • Enterprise ready: centralized and standardized communications, scheduling, workflows, mobile device notifications, and call volume and response reports
  • Non-Proprietary IT infrastructure: leveraging an IT Infrastructure for cost savings and simplified maintenance
  • Customizable dome lights and stations: to meet the needs of every area in every facility
  • Simplified touchscreen operation in staff and patient areas: streamline tasks with easily customized touchscreens
  • Voice over IP communications: utilizing the latest technology for clear and direct communications
  • Remote system administration: minimize downtime and maintenance costs while keep the system available 24/7
  • Wireless Bluetooth headset integration: allow staff to answer calls without being tethered to the nurse console
  • To ensure system reliability and safety, all Jeron nurse call systems are Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 Listed and Jeron is an FDA Registered manufacturer
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Some Benefits of the Provider® 790 Nurse Call System Include:

  • VoIP clear communication
  • Team-based rounding and reminders
  • Automated room turnover
  • Minimizing wait times with improved throughput in clinic/ASC settings
  • Displays each room’s status
  • Real-time alerting and voice prompts
  • Simple installation to reassure patients and residents that they’ll consistently see caregivers

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