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Jeron Pro-Alert™ Area of Rescue System Endorsed by Fire Professionals

Jeron recently had the opportunity to speak with James Dominik, retired Chief Officer of the Wilmette Fire Department, about their Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System.  Mr. Dominik remains very active in research for fire protection and life-safety issues as he is also one of the founding members of the advisory board for Underwriters Laboratories’ Firefighter Safety Research Institute.

James remarks, “As a former fire chief with 40 years of experience as a fire safety professional, I could not be more impressed with Jeron and the design and quality of the Pro-Alert 480 system. Simply put, this system will save lives. The expertise and customer service Jeron brings to the table, added to the fact that all their products are made in the USA, makes it easy for me to unreservedly recommend the Pro-Alert 480 system for your facilities.”

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