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Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System Compliance Testing

While at the upcoming California Automatic Fire Alarm Association (CAFAA) Tradeshow (Palm Springs, February 2-4), attendees can see the Pro-Alert Area of Rescue Assistance system manufactured by Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.  CAFAA actively participates in technical committees for NFPA72 and is driving adoption of the UL2525 standard. This tradeshow is a unique opportunity for Jeron to reach industry experts and announce their upcoming compliance with UL2525.

UL2525 is the new standard for Two-Way Communications Systems for Area of Rescue Assistance. Through the UL2525 standard, Authority Having Jurisdiction can require, by the building code in force, that systems meet this new UL Standard. The Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System is currently undergoing compliance testing for UL2525 and is already compliant with NFPA 72, ADA, and IBC standards.  According to Ericka Baran, VP Sales and Marketing for Jeron Electronic Systems, “Jeron believes in Underwriters Laboratories standards for all the markets we serve and for our systems to be listed for appropriate UL standards.  We fully expect our Pro-Alert 480 system to be listed in the near term for the UL2525 standard.”

At the CAFAA and the NFPA conferences (June 2022), Jeron will highlight the Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System used for emergency alerting and communications.  Pro-Alert 480 is a life-safety emergency intercom solution typically used in an area of refuge during a fire or other emergency, when an evacuation may not be safe or possible.  Occupants can communicate with an on-site or off-site call center until help arrives.  This ‘area of rescue’ is typically located in elevator lobbies/stairwells in high-rise buildings, mixed use, commercial and hospitality.

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