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Jeron Pro-Alert Area of Rescue System is First to Reach UL2525 Listing

A milestone has been reached for Jeron’s 480 Area of Rescue Assistance System.  Read all the details here and contact us if you need more information or have any questions.

Jeron Electronic Systems’ Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue Assistance provides life saving alerting and communications during a building fire or evacuation.  Jeron is proud to announce that the Pro-Alert 480 system has been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories under the new UL2525 Standard for Two-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance.  This rigorous evaluation by the independent Underwriters Laboratories assures that the Pro-Alert 480 system will always be available and operational during an emergency situation.

During an emergency, when a building occupant can’t evacuate on their own, they will go to an area of refuge location and utilize the Pro-Alert 480 system to alert frontline workers of their location.  If the Area of Rescue system is not monitored locally, the Pro-Alert 480 system automatically routes the emergency call to an off-site location through an automated phone call.

National Fire Alarm Code requires area of rescue locations to support both alerting and two-way communications.  The ‘area of rescue’ is typically located in elevator lobbies/stairwells in high-rise, mixed use, commercial and hospitality facilities.  The new UL2525 Listing for Area of Rescue Assistance is being adopted across the U.S. as fire marshals and Authorities Having Jurisdiction understand the importance of these life-saving systems. The Pro-Alert 480 System is the first system to be UL2525 Listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

In addition, the International Building Code 1009.6 indicates that all new buildings require an area of rescue if the building does not provide a means of egress for the disabled individuals. Jeron manufactures the Pro Alert 480 which is field programmable, fully supervised, utilizes standard category cable, and is designed and built in the U.S. Therese Scarlati, Jeron Security National Account Executive, stated “Jeron’s longevity in the security communications arena has made us a leader both within and outside of the U.S.  Our reputation led us to learn about this required UL compliance early and we facilitated the Pro-Alert submittal for approval right away.”

The Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue Assistance System includes:

  • Fully supervised, two-way communication and automatic offsite calling
  • An installer and technician friendly system with field programmable options and minimal wiring
  • Critical communication for stairwells and other areas of rescue in parking structures and commercial buildings
  • Fulfillment of NFPA 72, ADA, and IBC Standards, while also complying with the brand new UL2525 Standard

Jeron has both virtual and in-person demonstration options from their Technology Center at their corporate office. For existing customers, virtual or live in-service education is also available, providing information regarding product enhancements and details about this new UL2525 Standard.

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