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Provider Nurse Calls’ One-Touch Workflow Terminal

Jeron is proud to offer their healthcare customers a full spectrum of nurse call alerting and communications systems that work across platforms to provide a cohesive alerting, communications and workflow solution. The Provider® 790 Touchscreen Workflow Terminal is an integral part of this total solution by serving as the staff workflow and communications hub within each patient room.

Meeting ever-expanding applications for the Workflow Terminal, Jeron has recently expanded the capability to over 30 customizable pages supporting 150 buttons. This increased programmability is now customized for different users, such as the patient’s family and caregivers.

The Workflow Terminal ‘Family’ and ‘Clinical’ screens are able to relay information to specific caregivers and support staff with a single button press. Family can ask for water, a blanket, or general assistance with the terminal.  When caregivers cross the threshold of the room when wearing real-time locating tags, clinical staff will automatically have access to their specific workflow buttons to relay information to other staff all from the patient’s room.

The Workflow Terminal provides one-touch coordination of hundreds of workflow processes with:

  • Direct and immediate communication
  • Hands-free communication between many departments
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Time stamps integrate with data network for detailed event reporting
  • Fully customizable button for facility procedures

With 150 customizable buttons for rounding reminders, calls, workflows, and one-touch intercom, it will meet the alerting and communication needs of many different areas within your facility.

Mobeen Chaudhry, Senior Technical Consultant for Jeron, commented, “Making improvements on legacy versions of communications equipment is necessary as healthcare evolves. Adapting and customizing is Jeron’s specialty.”

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